Some patients come to Unique Dermatology with complaints of extremely dry, itchy skin. They may be unsure what caused it, and may find that they can’t seem to make it go away with lotions or topical creams. When they schedule an appointment with the providers of Unique Dermatology, they will sometimes learn that they are suffering from a skin problem called eczema. Eczema affects babies, children, and adults. The providers at Unique Dermatology, are qualified to treat patients of all ages.

Eczema affects millions of Americans, but in order to treat it, it is important to know what has caused it. There are typically three triggers for eczema. Eczema can be either genetic, an allergic reaction, or can be caused by a specific irritant. Genetic or hereditary forms of eczema typically do not have a specific trigger and can result in flare-ups and problems throughout a patient’s life with no immediate stimulus. Some individuals develop eczema due to an allergic reaction to a metal or some other allergen that has come in contact with their skin. Others may find that a specific irritant has caused the issue, such as a new laundry detergent, skin care product, or changes in temperature and humidity.

During a consultation and examination with the providers of Unique Dermatology,  the providers will investigate possible causes for eczema. Skin examinations and allergy testing may be done to narrow down the source of the problem and determine the trigger. Once this has been done, the dermatologist can then suggest various treatment options. Many times treatment may start with a new skin care regimen, followed by the use of topical products such as creams or lotions to help ease the inflammation and dry skin that results from eczema. Prescription topical medications for eczema are available in many different forms, and your provider at Unique Dermatology will provide you with expert advice on medications that you will feel comfortable using.

If you have been suffering from eczema and are looking for a way to treat and improve the problem, the providers of Unique Dermatology can help. Call Unique Dermatology, today to schedule a consultation and learn how eczema can best be treated.