90% of the population will experience acne at some point in life. It typically starts with hormonal changes during puberty but in some people, these hormonal fluctuations don’t start until age 30 or beyond, even if you’ve never had acne before. Pores can become clogged when oil secretion increases and skin isn’t washed properly with a good anti acne wash that kills bacteria and exfoliate skin cells. While acne can’t be completely prevented, steps can be taken to lessen its severity and decrease the frequency of breakouts. To combat acne, wash your face twice a day with our Clear Skin Acne Wash. For existing acne, use our Acne 10 Gel. Avoid using tough scrubs that can irritate the skin. Refrain from popping acne pimples or “zits,” which can leave permanent scars and dark spots on the face and body. Unique Dermatology has the solution to your skincare problems.